About us

Just Great Fudge

Welcome To Just Great Fudge

Home to the tastiest, creamiest and most delicious fudge you have ever tasted, in fact we guarantee it. If you don’t find our fudge THE most delicious you have ever tasted we will refund you in full – Simple. Now go treat yourself to some fudge. Take me to the fudge shop

How it all started

We love fudge and we simply could not find anything that we really thought was something special and had that WOW taste, so we simply made our own to trough and scoff in the privacy of our own home. We gave it to relatives, friends, neighbours and  as gifts. They gave it to their friends, relatives and neighbours and we then found people contacting us to make some for them and for special occasions. So that’s when we built the site and well here you are.

Why is our fudge just so tasty ?

Our fudge is made just how we like it. It’s not the cheapest, but to get that great taste takes great ingredients, time and a little love. We hand make all of our fudge to our own secret recipe. We make it in heavy based copper pans in small batches. No bulk made heavily processed rubbish just great fudge, no no no.

We handpick the best ingredients to go into our fudge and that includes the following

  • Fresh Cornish cream

  • Hand churned Jersey butter

  • Our own blend of sugars and molasses

  • We also make all of our own naturally flavoured  syrup bases

What this all adds up to is a delicious fudge experience that we believe you will not have tasted anywhere else.

How To Order

Ordering our fudge is really really simple you have two choices. Either pick from one of our standard varieties or you can go and get daring and design your very own flavours right on the site.

Click here to go and make own delicious concoctions

Important To Know

Please note, as our delicious fudge products are all handmade some variations in sizes and weights is unavoidable and in fact is some of the character of our products. Our standard box weight is at least 350 Grams.

Once again just a reminder that our fudge is all lovingly produced by hand and as we have a lead time of 2 days for production and up to 2 days for postal delivery. If you need your fudge for a special occasion or event please contact us about our express service (Please note an express charge applies)

We also supply to trade distribution channels including wholesalers, and retail outlets. Please contact for more details.

If you need something that is not on our site or wish to arrange something special please do not hesitate to get in touch, we just love talking fudge. Drop us a line here.